Entry #10

Looking for Guest Artists

2016-05-31 12:08:27 by RandomFilms

Been a while since I've done anything on newgrounds. Mainly because of the lack of motivation. I have a bunch of ideas just never get around to it cause I know I'll never finish it. I always intended to try frame-by-frame animation but just hasn't happen. For the past few years I have been drawing a webcomic I really love the turn around time with it. But recently I was diagnosed with tendinitis and all I can draw, is pain. So I currently have no idea how long it will be until I can draw again. I hate not having updates for my site, no matter what I always try to get something out on time. Which is why I'm writing this, I would love to have some guest artist to provide a few pages while I recover. Something non canon and fun. You can use my characters, your characters, parody of someone elses, etc. But you must have full permission to use it and allow me to post it on my site.

If you're interested in helping me out check out the webcomic www.LCScomic.com and send me a message.

Thank you.


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2016-06-01 08:05:22

i have no flash but i can draw animation by photoshop.

RandomFilms responds:

I'm not asking for animations, just a guest page for my webcomic. So that works http://lcscomic.com/


2016-06-02 08:07:20